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The Crafty Hare Workshops: a variety of workshops
facilitated by local artists

Arden Holiday Cottage now has it’s very own Artist In Residence!

We are very excited to have Dr Jan Hogarth as our Artist in Residence. She will be available to run workshops or 1 to 1 classes with you or your group during your stay. Perfect if you would like to make your break that extra bit special.


Dr Jan Hogarth has been passionate about art and landscape from a very early age, riding and walking through landscape inspired her to study fine art at degree and masters level before embarking on one of the first practice led PhDs in environmental art. Her practice brings together walking and sensing nature through sketching.



Jan runs sketching adventures to beautiful and dramatic landscape locations and through this process will help you be in the moment and appreciate the beauty within the Scottish landscape. She is knowledgeable about local history and culture and will share with you her deep connection with place.


Sketching in landscape has been a tradition that goes back to the cave paintings. It is a wonderful way to explore landscape and really look at it through an artists eyes. Sketching is a tool to understand the visual aspects of landscape better, the light, the movement, the changing weather but it also gives people a chance to stop and tune in to nature in a way which is unique and good for your wellbeing. In many ways sketching is not only an adventure but a way to be present and sense nature. 

Sketch books and materials can be provided.

If you would like to book Jan during your stay at the cottage please get in touch for more information and prices for Jan’s workshops.

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