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Carry on Campaigning
Here at Arden Holiday Cottages we love to game, especially table top board gaming . Maybe that comes from when we were young and we sat around as a family playing the old fashioned board games like Monopoly, Cluedo, Buckaroo. When we grew up we realised there was a lot more to board gaming and we thought this is amazing!
For one of us, board gaming developed into war gaming – of the historical kind, sourcing and painting figures, creating scenery and making models. From the skirmishes of the French Indian Wars to grand battles of the Napoleonic era. There was also some D&D thrown in for extra spice.
If that’s your thing then we offer the space to set up your own campaign or RPG in our open plan self catering cottage. There is plenty of room to spread out and leave games in play during your stay. There is also beautiful countryside around the cottage so if you want to venture outside for some RPG then we’ve got that too, under the watchful eyes of a couple of horses.
Price varies, depending on what time of year you choose to stay.
We sometimes run campaign themed weekends through the year. To find out what we have planned get in touch or visit our Facebook page.
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