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Positive Intelligence Getaway

Times have been hard in the last couple of years , Covid has touched many peoples lives in so many ways either directly or indirectly . Many of the issues it has left behind are now only starting to be realised. Anxiety, lack of sleep, worry around the cost of living, job insecurity frustration , loss, all lead to us feeling overwhelmed, impacting on our peace of mind and relationships.

To live life to the full we need to be both physically and mentally fit. We know how to look after our bodies by eating healthy and taking exercise or going to the gym to workout. But do we know the best way to keep our minds mentally fit?

Join Hester, your Positive Intelligence Coach™, for a long weekend to find out how to keep your mind at its peak performance to support you to lead a life full of positive and fulfilling experiences and relationships.

During the weekend you will be introduced to the Positive Intelligence® programme. You will find out about how your mind can be both your friend and your worst enemy. By taking the PQ assessment you will learn about the saboteurs that affect you personally and learn techniques to quieten them and begin to strengthen your mental muscles to lead a more positive way of approaching life challenges.





Why not get together with a group of friends or work colleagues to experience this weekend of Positive Intelligence® workshops for as little as £155 per person ( based on a group of 5)  for a 3-night stay in our luxury self-catering cottage tucked away in peaceful tranquil surroundings?

Email Hester at to find out more

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