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Boardgame Bonanza
We often thought wouldn’t it be great if you could camp in a boardgame café for a few days and just play games all day long and late into the night. Then grab a few hours sleep and wake up and play some more games without having to go to the effort and cost of booking a hotel.  As yet, we haven’t been able to find a place like this - so that gave us the idea for our Boardgame Bonanza package!
If you just want to hunker down around a great big table in our four star accommodation and have access to over a hundred games then this package can be added to your stay. It gives you access to our ever growing boardgame collection at a fraction of the cost of visiting a games café.
Click on the list to see what games you can spend a short break or even a week playing whilst staying in our self-catering cottage. Beware though!  You may just not bother venturing forth from the cottage so make sure you bring enough food to see you through your epic gaming.  
This is an add on package to a normal stay at Arden Holiday Cottage, so please let us know when you book your stay if you would like to add this option to access the games listed.
Short break (3 nights) - £75
Week break - £120
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