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2024 offer - book our Geek Retreat for £530 for the 3 night experience for 5 people - that's just over a £100 per person for you and 4 friends.

To book your stay at this great price please email us directly.

Geek Retreat
Here at Arden Holiday Cottages we love to game, especially table top board gaming . Maybe that comes from when we were young and we sat around as a family playing the old fashioned board games like Monopoly, Cluedo, Buckaroo. When we grew up we realised there was a lot more to board gaming and we thought this is amazing let's do more!  So we visited as many board game cafes as we could and went to events across the country meeting a really friendly bunch of people and got stuck in quite a few Escape Rooms. Then we got to thinking…  wouldn’t it be great to be able to go on holiday and do all these things all year round? We looked around and found nowhere to do this except one off events.  So we decided to create a place for people to come and play games whatever their speciality. 
As we love escape rooms we decided to create our own bespoke Escape Room using local folk lore and historical events as the theme. We carried the Scottish theme on with a Murder Mystery where you get to take part as a character. To top it off we have a comprehensive range of games from party games for groups such as Scrawl and Bucket of Doom, to more complicated games like Pandemic, Fall of Rome, Isle of Cats , Dominion, that we are happy to demo to guests to take away the slog of learning new game rules.


Geek Retreat Itinerary 3 night break (Friday - Sunday / Mid-Week Break)
Arrive Friday evening to find yourself in an Escape Room scenario where you will need to find your way out of the room to reach your bedroom to unpack!
Then receive your 6 secret challenges to achieve during your stay. These challenges encourage you to find ways to get your friends to carry out ridiculous tasks, so you’ll be looking for sneaky ways to get them before they get you.
Saturday, have a lie in then get yourself in character for a murder mystery which you will star in with your friends. See who can be the first to point the finger at the murderer.
Sunday is board game day – choose from our very varied menu of board games such as Carcassonne, Camel Up, Hive, Patchwork, Bear Park, Ticket to Ride, Tiny Epic Galaxies, Wingspan and the hilarious Geistes Blitz which is going to get very competitive! We are happy to talk you through the games so you don’t need to read the instructions.​


Our current list of games can be found here - we're constantly adding new games so the list will grow!
We hope to see you for some gaming soon!
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